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Service Availability

JuniorTube Originals has launched on August 1st 2016, with the first set of content partners. Now available on iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV 4. Soon on web and Chromebooks, Roku, Amazon Fire and all Android tablets and streaming devices.

JuniorTube on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV 4:

JuniorTube on Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets:

JuniorTube on Roku:

JuniorTube on Android TV & tablets:
juniortu.be/android (SOON)

JuniorTube on Google Chromebooks:

JuniorTube on web:

Your Earnings as JuniorTube Creator

70% of our total monthly revenue from families' monthly subscriptions to JuniorTube is being distributed among our participating partner Creators.

If you are (or were) creating cool videos that kids can also watch, you now have the opportunity to participate as JuniorTube Creator on our program. The participating Children Media Channels (i.e. children's or educational YouTube channels etc.) and media brands will receive a split of the majority 70% off the revenue (similar to other streaming services for adults, Apple Music, Netflix, Spotify etc). For instance, just one (1) non-exclusive original video that you'd make available on JuniorTube during one month, may earn up to USD 0.02-0.10/month for each subscriber that JuniorTube has that month. Videos made exclusive for 1 week or 1 month, each can earn up to USD 0.06-0.31/month for each monthly subscriber we have. Earnings are concluded at the end of each month for each Creator, and they vary daily due to a few factors: (i) ratio of videos active during current month (20% weight); (ii) ratio of days with active videos during current month (30% weight); (iii) ratio of number of video views during current month (50% weight); etc. To imagine the program's estimated financial income for you, try multiplying the rates with 1,000,000 (or 10,000,000+) monthly subscribers.

Creator Verification & Appropriateness

We verify the channels applying to become JuniorTube Creators, by having them sign up with their current YouTube account, before uploading videos to JuniorTube.

JuniorTube welcomes great independent video creators making great video content suitable for kids under 13yo.

JuniorTube is not about the quantity of video content on our platform, but about the quality of videos and their creators, and the safety and sanity of kids under 13yo.

We review everything very carefully, and videos are not even published on JuniorTube without our editors' approval. We don't approve videos displaying i.e. non-original superheroes, guns, violent activities, sex or sexism, any form of discrimination, toys unboxing, bullying behavior, slang words or terms, and many other similar trends.

We reserve the right to reject certain creators or content that do not match our criteria or mission.

But even one good video per month generates revenue for our partner creators, because 70% of our total monthly revenue returns back to our partner creators that are selected as relevant to JuniorTube's educational intents.

Please check out the current content and our 22+ educational categories at juniortu.be/kids or on other streaming devices where JuniorTube is available and, if you think your content matches those educational trends and don't hurt our growing number of subscribers, you may proceed to uploading your video to JuniorTube.

If your videos will be approved, we'd recommend you'll attract and drive your current subscribers to JuniorTube, to increase the number of subscribers/families watching your safe videos on JuniorTube.

We hope we'll partner with super-amazing creators!



Why Become a JuniorTube Creator

Your participation on JuniorTube can bring you additional attention, a more powerful message, a more targeted audience of children under 13yo, educational opportunities, and extra monthly revenue for your original video creations suitable for kids.

JuniorTube allows Creators to select the appropriate age for their audience, and the content is filtered at each child's end on JuniorTube depending on their age - between 2-12yo.

Children between 2-12yo are thrilled to be able to browse JuniorTube freely, on their own, in a perfectly safe environment with customizable content, and watch your videos created carefully for them.

Besides watching videos, children can access other cool features on JuniorTube. For instance, they can annotate and draw on top of your videos as they pause playing, and create digital stories that they can show to their friends, parents or teachers. Other interactive features will be added to the platform in upcoming releases.

JuniorTube creates a state of urgency for the kids to watch your videos and episodes on our platform, because the videos will disappear from the service after 1 week or up to 1-2 months, depending on your selection for availability and revenue.

The content on JuniorTube will be fresh and updated every week, thanks to all Creators' contribution. This will make children be thrilled and enjoy spending time watching your videos. Parents will have their peace fo mind that their kids are watching cool videos in a perfectly safe environment, without the fears of kids watching inappropriate ads or related videos not suitable for their age.

Your Children Media Channel (i.e. YouTube channel) or media branding will be featured and associated with your videos on JuniorTube, so the parents and kids can look for more of your videos outside the JuniorTube platform.

Our goal is to let you continue with your successful Children Media Channel (i.e. your YouTube channel etc.) while earning additional revenue from a separate service. JuniorTube only plays videos for kids in a safer environment, for a limited period of time; afterwards kids will continue to visit your YouTube, Internet or media channel to watch your previous episodes.

Revenue Stream

There is no advertisement displayed on JuniorTube, but instead it is a service paid monthly by Parents for their kids, to have the peace of mind and let them watch videos most appropriate for their age and interest. The participating Children Media Channels (i.e. YouTube channels etc.) or media brands will receive a split of the majority 70% of the total revenue coming from monthly subscriptions.

Monthly Payments to Creators

Earnings are calculated and concluded at the end of each month for each Creator. Payments will be delivered when Creator's monthly earnings, including rollover earnings, exceed a total of USD 20. Payments to Creators are NET 60.

Pre-approval for Your Suggested Videos

JuniorTube pays significant attention to review and pre-approve the videos that each Creator uploads to JuniorTube Originals. We reserve the right to exclude inappropriate videos totally unsuitable for children under 13 years of age, or to modify and adjust the age category where your video would fit. Users can flag your possible inappropriate videos and, if confirmed, they will not be included in your monthly revenue calculations, and your Creator account may become subject to termination.

You will not upload and we do not accept nor approve videos that include sexual language, unsafe behaviors (like playing with matches or juggling knives), profanity, adult discussions about family violence, pornography, and child abuse, jokes about drug use and pedophilia, alcohol ads, paid endorsements where the relationship between a video’s star and product manufacturer is not disclosed.

How Kids Discover Your Videos

Videos on JuniorTube are categorized by age, and parents can filter and only make available videos for a range of ages between 2-12yo (i.e. 3yo, 4yo & 5yo for toddlers; or 6yo, 7yo, 8yo, 9yo for elementary school children; etc.). Videos on JuniorTube are tagged into various interests for kids. Children can browse freely all the videos on JuniorTube, subscribe to your channel to receive notifications of new videos, annotate and draw on the still frames of your videos, etc.

Parental Control

Parents can filter and only make available videos suitable for a specific range of ages between 2-12yo (i.e. 3yo, 4yo & 5yo for toddlers; or 6yo, 7yo, 8yo, 9yo for elementary school children; etc.). If some of your videos are part of an age group that is restricted by parents, your videos will not be listed nor be available on that specific device.

Your Creator Account

Signing in to JuniorTube Originals' Dashboard area will ask for you to use your YouTube Channel account. The entire process is handled by Google / YouTube, and we don't retain any information about your credentials.

We ask for YouTube Channel sign in, to verify your identity and make sure that you're the only one uploading your own copyrighted materials. While signing in, make sure you will select the actual YouTube Channel where you currently upload videos for kids.

Hosting and Protecting Your Videos

JuniorTube is hosting your videos. You need to upload videos to JuniorTube, even if they are non-exclusive and you have them published elsewhere. Your videos will be stored on our partner 3rd party service - JW Player - and you agree with JW Player's Terms of Service.

Uploading Your Videos

Visit juniortu.be/welcome/creators/upload to upload your videos to JuniorTube Originals. Follow the instructions and wait for the videos to upload to our platform. Your videos are subject to further review before being published.

Alternatively, JuniorTube staff can help you (the Creator) with uploading your videos to JuniorTube servers, and categorize them into the appropriate age and interest sections, on regular basis. We need your written approval in order to provide this service to you, therefore please reach out to support@juniortu.be if interested.

Your Dashboard and Analytics

Visit juniortu.be/welcome/creators/dashboard to have access to managing your uploaded videos. Your Dashboard will also display your estimated revenue for the current month, along with other analytics information related to your videos.

Non-Exclusive Videos

If you published your video elsewhere, and you also uploaded it on JuniorTube, that video is treated as "non-exclusive" on JuniorTube and your revenue is being recalculated accordingly. Generally, non-exclusive videos on JuniorTube earn less than exclusive videos.

The majority of videos on JuniorTube are published non-exclusively.

Exclusive Videos

If you did not ever publish your video elsewhere, and you uploaded it on JuniorTube, that video is treated as "exclusive" on JuniorTube and your revenue is being recalculated accordingly. Generally, exclusive videos on JuniorTube earn more than non-exclusive videos. You will not make these exclusive videos available anywhere on the Internet or any other media platforms until after the exclusivity period (either 1 week, or 1-2 months) on JuniorTube will end.

JuniorTube creates a state of urgency for the kids to watch your exclusive videos and episodes on our platform, because the videos will disappear from the service after 1 week or up to 1-2 months, depending on your selection for availability and revenue.

Content Protection and Copyright

You own all the rights for your videos and content uploaded on JuniorTube, you don't release the rights to JuniorTube, and you only allow JuniorTube to host it and stream it to its subscribers for a limited period of time.

You created your videos, or they are original content of yourself or the organization that you are part of.

You do not upload copyrighted material for which you don't own the rights nor have permission from the owner.

Your video's content is entirely suitable for children under 13 years of age.

You agree to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with JuniorTube (provided separately).

You agree to sign a Publishing Agreement with JuniorTube (provided separately).

No Ads

JuniorTube doesn't display or play any advertisement clips or materials, anywhere and at any time on the platform.

Creators Support

We work closely with our partner Creators and keep a direct communication with you via email, phone, meetups, etc. Send us a note at support@juniortu.be to get in touch!


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