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Kids shouldn’t browse Internet videos. – Kids should learn with JuniorTube designed for schools and families.
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Testimonials From Educators & Parents

JuniorTube in the K-12 setting is exactly what teachers and fellow school administrators need as we take education to new, more engaging, heights.

Matthew Brown
Matthew BrownParent & School Administrator

JuniorTube for video curation is a super cool way to handpick YouTube videos.

Monica Burns
Monica BurnsEducator at ClassTechTips

Check out JuniorTube for a new way to watch my show!

Tea Time With Tayla
Tea Time With TaylaJuniorTube Creator

Using JuniorTube with videos from [science channel on YouTube] has sent our classroom into a parallel universe. Imagine a world where students ASK for homework!

Nick Schreyer
Nick SchreyerScience Teacher at Glen Acres Elementary

The kids love playing on JuniorTube watching different things!

April – Amazon
AprilParent using JuniorTube on Amazon Fire TV

With JuniorTube, parents can push pre-approved videos to their kids' devices!

The iPhone Mom
The iPhone MomFamily Blogger

YouTube can be a great resource for #parents. With the app JuniorTube, you can have peace of mind that your children are watching age-appropriate videos.

Imagination Station
Imagination StationSTEM & Science Center for Families

JuniorTube enables the parent to be the curator - which is the best option - as we all know that each family has its own rules and parenting style.

Mihai Dragomirescu
Mihai DragomirescuFounder of UrbanKid.ro

We give our kid a few minutes of iPad time to watch her favorite YouTube videos... but only through JuniorTube. #safe

Matthew Brown
Matthew BrownParent & School Administrator

Great entertainment for my four year old granddaughter... love JuniorTube

Marta – Amazon
MartaParent using JuniorTube on Amazon Fire TV

I hope schools and parents are beginning to understand that YouTube was not designed for kids under 13yo... Services like JuniorTube EDU seek to provide safer alternatives!

Kevin Honeycutt
Kevin Honeycutt ‏Author, Global speaker, Co-creator of Life Practice PBL & It's My Business entrepreneur curriculum.

JuniorTube is a MUST have in both my kindergarten classroom and at my home for my 2 year old.

Claire Brown
Claire BrownParent & Elementary School Teacher

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